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Top One Liners 2011

#!1.One word smart ass remarks are the same as one word dumb ass remarks!@MyTopOneliners 

#2. small cap = less plastic small penis = less condom being used!

#3. Its an act and pretend world and every one is A charter. From the show called life!

#4. I took a lead roll in The shoot the shit challenge and came in first after ingesting Ex-lax!

 #5.I don't crave shit but a bad case of Hemorrhoids!

#6. The only Time I giggle is when my shit splashes water on my ass! Turd went wrong I call that!

#7. I farted 3 x faster than the speed of light smelt like burning asshole!

#8. Best thing to do is never to pretend no one see you because that's when they are watching!

#9. There's a fine line between anything its better to cross it then to stay on one side!

#10. You know you have eaten to much MC Donald's when you half to look at the rapper to see the affect of long term use is!


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